Technical Support

Technical support and innovation is a core value at Jennmar, it is what sets us apart from our competitors. The requirements of ground support can vary greatly, depending on the geological factors encountered at each mine site or at each cut. Our commitment to innovation and a systematic approach to solving these site-specific problems is our strength. Our Technical Management Team is second to none and can be contacted on the numbers below to help you solve your ground support and ground stabilisation needs.

Coal - NSW

Tim Gaudry

NSW Mine Service Manager

Mobile 0409 120 426

Peter Craig

National Manager - Coal

Mobile 0419 018 998

Coal - QLD

Harold Hinton

Mine Service Supervisor

Mobile: 0427 229 669

Hard Rock

Anthony Dodds

National Manager - Hardrock

Mobile 0427 488 442

Anthony Bennett

Hard Rock Engineer

Mobile 0427 415 057

Civil and Tunnelling

Jason Matthews

Civil Project Co-ordinator

Mobile 0437 771 781