Jennmar Australia would like to congratulate Peter Craig on 25 Years’ Service.

Peter started with Jennmar as a Mining Engineering graduate from The University of Wollongong when Jennmar Australia was less than 12 months old.  During the first several years Peter played an important role in helping to development Jennmar Australia’s initial product range including extensive underground testing and customer engagement.  The underground experience gained from testing ground support 3-4 days per week for several years provided Peter with invaluable practical experience and knowledge of the diverse mining conditions across the NSW.  This experience was further enhanced as Peter’ career developed and his focus shifted to developing engineering solutions for mining industry challenges and conductive collaborative research programs with The University of Wollongong and The University of New South Wales.

Over the next 10 years as the Jennmar Australia business grew, Peter built a solid reputation as an industry expert on coal mining ground support.  During this time Jennmar’s product capability continued to develop with Peter publishing multiple technical papers both in Australia and Internationally.  Peter’s personal technical credibility was recognised when he received the backing of Jennmar the UNSW and key mining companies to complete his PhD, including obtaining an ARC Linkage government grant.  Peter’s PhD initiated the research project into stress corrosion cracking of roof bolts and included technical presentations at the 2009 – Asheville North Carolina, American Rock Mechanics Association and 2015 – Morgantown West Virginia. 34th International Conference on Ground Control in Mining.

Over the course of his time at Jennmar Australia Peter has lead our team of technical service representatives and research and development engineers for the coal business across Australia.  In recent years Peter has used his extensive knowledge to support and mentor multiple graduate engineers at Jennmar and was also actively involved in providing several opportunities to the Austmine’s Women in STEM METS Career Pathway Program. 

Peter now holds an important position on the Jennmar Australia senior management team and continues his research with UNSW, where Jennmar is currently the lead partner in a Government funded CRCP project into developing dynamic ground support.  Peter is continuing to build our team of engineers to keep Jennmar at the forefront of product development and solving industry ground support problems.

Jennmar Australia is extremely fortunate to have a person of Peter’s calibre in our company and we sincerely thank him for the important role that he has played in the initial development, growth and continued success of our company for the last 25 years. 


Peter Craig HS Blue