Select the individual elements and review the specifications for your complete ground support system, including bolt, plate, anchorage and surface support.

JENNMAR Australia is a leading manufacturer of ground support products used in metalliferous (Hardrock) mining. Providing the full range of products and utilizing innovations developed in collaboration with Hardrock mine sites, JENNMAR offers the metalliferous mine the complete ground support solution.

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Dynamic Catalogue

10T Tensioner – 15.2mm Cable

30T Tensioners

Cable Bolt Volcano Plate

Rock Bolt Volcano Plate

Combination Volcano Plate – Mech Lok

Combination Volcano Plate

Combination Kanga Plate

Combination Roll Top Plate

150mm Roll Top Plate

Shotcrete Mesh

Plastic Mesh

Fibreglass Mesh

Jennchem J-URR Grout

J-CRETE (FS) Sprayable Dry Mix Shotcrete

TL-40 - Thin Sprayed Liner

J-Lok Hard Rock Twin Resin Capsules

Spin & Hold Single Capsule Speed Resin

Rapid Development Resin Capsules

Shooter Resin Capsules

Post Grout Cable

Jumbo Resin Inserter Kits

32mm Torque Tension Bolt

32mm Hollow Bolt

25mm Thrust Dowel

22mm Extra High Torsion (Xht) Tensionable Bolt

Plastic Plates

Plastic Steel Combination Plates 22-25mm Dowels

Plastic Steel Combination Plates 32mm Dowels

Eye Bolts and L- Pins

Clip Up Hooks

20mm J-Tech Nut

20mm J-Tech Shredder

20mm J-Tech Hanger Nuts

22mm Thrust Dowel

Roll Top Plate

Top-Down 80 Plus Grout

Yield Lok® Bolt 23mm

Jtech® 25mm All Thread Bolt

Hawkeye Bolt

Hawkeye Bolt Dolly

Hawkeye Nut Driver

Jtech® 20mm All Thread Bolt

J-Tech Coupler

M20 Dome Nut

M20 Shredder

M24 Torque Tension Bolts

Python Dollie and Drill Brushing

Python Pull Ring

Mech Lok Bolt

Friction Lok

47mm Domed Friction Lok

47mm Friction Lok Paste

Friction Bolt Pull Ring

Friction Lok Airleg Dolly

Friction Lok Combination Dolly

Airleg Dolly 36af

Airleg Dolly To Suit J-Tech

J-Tech Airleg Spin Adaptor

Mech Lok Dolly

Resin Bolt Dolly

Shear Pin Nuts

Hollow Self Drilling Bolt

Hollow Self Drilling Bolt Accessories

15.2mm Cable Reels & Bolts

Secta® Dynamic Cable Reel & Bolt

Superstrand Cable Bolt

70T 10 Wire Hollow Cable Bolt

Cable Bolt Barrel & Wedges

15.2mm Cable Truss With Splice Tube

Grout And Breather Tube

Breather Tube

Jennchem Top-Down-80MPa Grout

Yield Lok Bolt 23mm (Dynamic Rock Bolt)

J-Tech 20mm All Thread Bolt

J-Tech 25mm All Thread Bolt

Python Dolly

Friction Lok Bolt

"U" Hanger Nuts

Jennchem Bottom-Up 100MPa Grout

Top-Down 80 Plus Grout

J-Fill Grout