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Select the individual elements and review the specifications for your complete ground support system, including bolt, plate, anchorage and surface support.

JENNMAR’s status as a world class supplier of ground control products and services extends to the civil and tunnelling industry. Founded on JENNMAR’s core values of Quality & Safety, Innovation and Technical Support, the civil division of JENNMAR offers the civil works industry products for the purpose of rock, soil and concrete anchoring, post tensioning systems and tunnelling support.

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DCP Cable Bolt – 18mm

DCP Cable Bolt – 21.8mm

Grout Head To Suit 18mm DCP Cable Bolt

Grout Head To Suit 22mm Dcp Cable Bolt

Grout Lance To Suit M24 Sr Bolt

Grout Nozzle to Suit M24 Low Profile Bolt

Low Profile Double Corrosion Protection Rock Bolt