Coal Mining

Select the individual elements and review the specifications for your complete ground support system, including bolt, plate, anchorage and surface support.

JENNMAR Australia provides the most extensive range of ground support products available for underground coal mining. Our products are designed for Australian underground mining conditions and are manufactured and warehoused in Australia at locations close to each of the major underground coal mining regions.

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100T Bulbed Goliath Cable Bolt

100T Goliath Cable Bolt

15.2mm Barrel & Wedge

15.2mm Triple Strand Tendons & Trusses

15.2mm Twin Strand Tendons & Trusses

18mm Barrel & Wedge

18mm Triple Strand Tendons & Trusses

18mm Twin Strand Tendons & Trusses

21.8mm Barrel & Wedge

28.6mm Barrel & Wedge

30T Tensioners

31mm 70T SUMO TEX Cable

31mm Barrel & Wedge

31mm JW10 TEX Cable

70T 10 Wire Hollow Cable Bolt

70T 12 Wire Sumo Cable Bolt

Dolly suit TEX cables

Dolly to suit 21.8mm Superstrand

Grout and Breather Tube

Grout Lance – Screw In

Push-Clamp on Grout Guns

Superstrand Cable Bolt

Tiger Dollie

Trussing Splice Tube